CG stickers make testing the center of gravity on your R/C airplane quick and easy any time, any where. CG stickers are made of thick, durable, UV stable clear vinyl and are designed to appear as a natural part of any plane’s livery. They are scaled perfectly to quickly align the pads on our Flight Deck Work Stand & CG System, but can be used independently on any aircraft. No more unsightly Sharpie marks or dents and discoloration from repeated CG testing.

Package includes 6 CG location stickers and one CrewZinn decal.  One CG Sticker Pack will service 3 aircraft. Overall sticker diameter is 1.00"

(Note:  Every FLIGHT DECK RC Work & CG Stand comes with 6 CG stickers.  These are additional packs sold separately).

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JohnVHRC on 19th Dec 2018

Very handy, and speeds up the balancing process, great idea guys!