Flight Deck is the only R/C Airplane Work Stand with an integrated R/C Airplane CG Testing System – and the only CG Testing Machine with an integrated Work Stand. 

The CrewZinn Flight Deck RC Airplane Work Stand and CG Tester is the result of hundreds of hours of real world product testing.   It is designed to work with the widest variety of RC aircraft possible and incorporates a level of flexibility and usability not found in any other work stand or center of gravity measurement tool on the market.



Flight Deck is 100% made in the U.S.A. with only the highest quality materials so that it always looks as good as it performs.

Flight Deck includes 6 CG stickers. Additional CG Sticker Packs can be purchased separately here.

See our FLIGHT DECK FEATURES page for more in depth product information.

*NOTE:  Due to occasional issues of availability and/or quality and to insure that our high quality standards are always achieved, maple cross-members might sometimes be substituted with red oak, oak, birch, ash, or white poplar (every stand will always have matched cross-members, we never mix wood species on any stand).  If you have a firm preference of wood species please let us know in the notes field of your order and we'll do everything we can to accommodate your request.

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Flight Deck Stand!

Glenn Antrobius on 28th Aug 2019

A product that is worth every penny and backed up by flat out excellent customer service!


Justin C. on 25th Aug 2019

I've been looking into getting one of these stands for quite some time, glad I finally pulled the trigger. The quality is impeccable and shipped very fast! John even contacted me to ask me what type of wood I would like, since they had a selection to choose from, went with the red oak and let's just say I wasn't disappointed with the finished appearance. Looking forward to talking this new thing up next time I'm at the field.

CrewZinn Flight Deck Stand

Abilio Ramos on 13th Aug 2019

I loved the first one so much .... I bought 2 more. For a long time I kept looking for something that I could be proud of and I did not want to build my own. This is worth the money and you will not regret buying one. They look very very nice...and functional. .. and sturdy. Thank You....

Great Plane Stand

Bryan Herde on 8th Jul 2019

I was a little hesitant due to the price but after using this stand over the week I am really impressed! Great quality and thoughtful design to say the least not to mention it’s great to support home a grown company with a product made here in the USA. You won’t be disappointed!

Money well spent

alvin spence on 6th Jul 2019

No buyers remorse here! Quality! CG stand makes balancing plane much easier. Thanks!

Great Product

Arthur D. Sizemore on 5th Jul 2019

Excellent product, quality parts and construction. Customer service is second to none and made in the good old USA!

Flight Stand

Lloyd Holland on 5th Jul 2019

Great Product

Product Review

Steve Thomas on 12th May 2019

Big Thank You for this flight stand/balancer. A top-notch product for these purposes has been missing in our hobby for decades. No styrofoam, no finger tips, just high quality parts and gravity. This is a product that works well and as advertised. Bravo Zulu, Crew-Zinn. Best, Steve Thomas