Flight Deck is the only R/C Airplane Work Stand with an integrated R/C Airplane CG Testing System – and the only CG Testing Machine with an integrated Work Stand.


The CrewZinn Flight Deck RC Airplane Work Stand and CG Tester is the result of hundreds of hours of real world product testing.   It is designed to work with the widest variety of RC aircraft possible and incorporates a level of flexibility and usability not found in any other work stand or center of gravity measurement tool on the market.



Flight Deck is 100% made in the U.S.A. with only the highest quality materials so that it always looks as good as it performs.

Flight Deck includes 6 CG stickers. Additional CG Sticker Packs can be purchased separately here.

See our FLIGHT DECK FEATURES page for more in depth product information.

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Sam sunada on 23rd Nov 2018

Workmanship is beautiful I have been looking for a plane stand for while and I saw yours on utube and I had to have one. good job guys. I have a suggestion please design a stand for my racing boat it’s a hydro haul.....THANKS

a must have

RC Combat Pilot on 12th Nov 2018

this stand is a must have for anybody like me that always has a plane or two in the hanger for repairs. i just bought my second flight deck stand today. well done crewzinn! bring us more products like this!

Best RC Plane Stand I've Ever Owned

Jim R on 12th Nov 2018

I've tried most of the stands on the market over the years and have always been disappointed. Considering that I have a flimsy chinese stand made of foam that i paid $30 for and a flimsy chinese CG machine that I paid $25 for this stand seemed like an easy decision. And it exceeded my expectations. Both of those previous devices found their way into the trash but this stand is absolutely built to last. It looks great, works great and is a really good value after seeing all that it can do and how well it is built. It's really nice to have a solid American made product for a change.

Very Satisfied

Slick Stick on 6th Nov 2018

Very impressed with the quality of this RC airplane stand and company so far. Top quality accross the board. Makes working on and transporting my planes so much easier. I'm thinking of buying another because it is great for holding and protecting my planes in the back of my truck. And it's lightweight and compact enough to take with me to the field and looks even better in person than it does on the website. I had a few questions before I bought it and the guy I spoke with was extremely helpful. Excellent product. Excellent customer service and I had my stand within two days of ordering. I would definitely recommend this to anybody with an RC airplane addiction.

CrewZinn RC Stand

Bob Sherman on 2nd Nov 2018

Outstanding product. VERY high quality.

Flight Deck RC Stand

Tommy S. on 31st Oct 2018

Nice stand, works well with all my aircraft and is much nicer than the other stands I have owned. I was skeptical of the CG system but i have to say it's a huge time saver. Getting the CG stickers just right is critical so take you're time with that step, but once that's done then CG testing is so quick and easy. It's a really creative way of simplifying CG testing and I'm really happy I found this tool. 2 thumbs up.

Take it with me everywhere

HunHunter on 31st Oct 2018

I love this stand! it is extremely well made and looks really nice. i take it with me to the field every time i fly. CG testing has always been a hassle especially in the field, not anymore. any time i need to work on my plane my flight deck is the first thing i grab.